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When I was in 8th grade, I was hit with an egg to the ankle. It was at a football game against our rival team and I was sitting in front of a local ice cream shop waiting to be picked up.  The egg launcher was in a car, a good 10 yards away, going about 35 mph and it felt like my ankle had been broken it hurt so badly. 

I can’t imagine how it would feel to seven years old and hit in the head with a large sized drink from Sonic under the same conditions; car ~10 yards away going 35-45 mph launching this drink and hitting this boy’s head. And to think that his Christian mother cared so little, that she said “I’m so sorry honey, here, do you want your sign?” handed him his “FAG TROOPS” sign to him to continue spreading hate makes me physically and emotionally ill. Wouldn’t you think that would be her crystallizing moment? "I’m putting my children in serious harm here, my seven year old son probably has a concussion and has NO CLUE what the sign he’s holding means..maybe this should stop.”

Nope. Brought me to tears that a mother could seriously brush off such an incident to her own son.  Spreading “God’s hate” is much more important. 

Not that I didn’t realize already—I think about it every single day—but this made me really, really appreciate the loving caring mother and family that I have. I’m so incredibly lucky.

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